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Galaksi Electric has caught growth trend quicly since established and following the latest improvements in industry, improve the own system needs in R&D. Rapidly evolving world economy, in line with the industry trend, need to energy and connected to it infrastructure is needed quickly.

Therefore established Galaksi produces stainless steel, galvanized and painted type cable trays and cable ducts, cable ladders and accessories in modern production facilities.

Galaksi places emphasis on quality at every stage of production and Galaksi proves this clear stance by quality certificates. At the same time Galaksi contribute to customers projects by experienced staff and help in their Project solutions.



Our firm has set out with the princples of customer orientation, reliability, impartiality, responsibility, accessibility and sacrifice.

Our firm, combining the perfect service with quality products and technical staff, perceiving the customer expactations, offering analitic solution, communication and
In domestic and foreign markets increasing the competitive power in the condition of remain at national interests to reach
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